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Welcome to Intellects College

Welcome to Intellects College


Fully Funished Hostels

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School of Accountacy

This course provides professional qualifications that prepares one in a career in Business Administration such as Human Resource management, Financial Management, Accounting & Marketing.

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School of Catering

We have a variety of Courses and Programs in Catering Management

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School of Secretarial Studies

With this Diploma you can serve as a Public Relations Officer, Administrator, Coordinator, Advocate, Programmer and Consultant.

School of Business Studies

We have a variety of Courses in Business Studies to shape you for today's Competitive World.

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Electrical Engineering

We aim at providing industry standard qualification in Electrical Engineering and we are certified by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA).

School of Social Studies and Education

We have a variety of Courses in Education and Social studies that offer are relevant in today's world.

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